Summertime, and The Makeup Is Easy!

Summer is here, and like clothing and accessories your makeup style should reflect the change in seasons. Keep your makeup sizzling hot with these cool tips for giving good face! Begin with skin that looks radiant and healthy. Get rid of that dry, weathered look and hydrate your face so makeup will glide on smoothly. Don't forget under eyes! If your skin is oily try a makeup primer or t-zone controller to minimize shine. Show some skin skip the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. Or try a self tanner to gradually add color. The result is a smooth, even, natural looking complexion. If you need more coverage use concealer instead but only where you need it to create a flawless look. Be sure to blend. Follow with a light dusting of loose powder or bronzer. This look is great on all skintones from fair to brown! All eyes on me to beat the heat and keep eyeshadow from fading use a shadow primer, or dab a little concealer on the lids. Follow with powder pressed in with a puff or sponge. 

Cream eyeshadows and gel or liquid eyeliners have great staying power and are usually waterproof. Stick with colors that are neutral for your skintone, from yellow-gold to bronze, but go slightly deeper for outlining the eye. Finish off with your favorite mascara in a waterproof formula. Get cheeky a "pop" of color on the apples of the cheek give you that sun-kissed glow. Pinky-peach, coral, and berry are tried and true colors for summer. Chose intensity, soft to deep, to suit your complexion. The perfect pout from pale gold to deep plum it's all about shine! Sheer lipstick or shimmery gloss are the season's favs. Compliment with lip liner or go naked. To prevent feathering and bleeding blend a little concealer around the mouth. For all-day lips use liner all over and top it with your favorite gloss. Remember to use sunscreen. Even the deepest skintones can burn. And don't forget your body skin, it needs TLC too!