Weight Shapes Diets

Dieters can now create personal diets, complete with calorie values, using WeightShapes’s new dietbook for Windows and Mac OS. WeightShapes, one of the best publishers of nutrition and exercise information, now makes it easier than ever for dieters to create dietbooks of their personal favorite healthy dishes, with calorie counts automatically generated for each dish. Many people attempt to organize their favorite diets in note-card boxes or on slips of paper in a drawer, and never have an easy way to include information on the dish’s calorie count. Weight Shapes diet book not only offers an easy-to-use recipe editor that enables users to rapidly enter recipes into a digital dietbook, but draws from Weight Shapes’s vast food database to automatically calculate the total calories for the meal. It also comes with a large collection of recipes compiled by the nutritional experts at WeightShapes.
Once diets are entered into the software, they can be categorized into "diet books" that work similarly to playlists for songs in a music player. Also, rather than flipping through pages in an oversized cookbook or wading through stacks of recipe note-cards, recipe book includes a powerful search feature that allows users to quickly find and view diets and recipes. Recipes can also be printed and organized in a three-ring binder according to food categories, such as desserts, breakfasts, and casseroles. The company has also updated it's WeightShapes Nutrition & Exercise Manager so that users of this comprehensive database and diary tool for healthy living can easily access recipies from Diet Book. At the core of the Nutrition & Exercise Manager is the WeightShapes.com proprietary food database. With over 100 diets, this food database represents the best free nutritional information source. Detailed information on the program can be found at www.weightshapes.com