The Best Face Wipes

I've been suffering with really dry skin this past week. It has been really bad, so bad that I've even had dry patches around my eyes which I've never had before. Anyway as I was staying at my boyfriends and forgot all my skincare stuff I popped into Tesco and I noticed an amazing offer... Buy 1 get 1 free on simple facial wipes! Bargain! I decided to pick up the normal facial wipes and a pack of the exfoliating wipes. The wipes are full of moisture and are gentle to the skin. I found that they removed all of my makeup including waterproof mascara without having to rub harshly. The exfoliating wipes are a different texture to the normal simple wipes. You'd think that it would be too hard to wipe over your face but its really not. Its so relaxing and it removes all of the dead skin cells which help to keep your skin glowing!

Tried my best to get a close shot of the texture of the exfoliating wipe. The results are amazing I used the regular simple wipes first, followed by the exfoliating wipes then I used the simple light moisturising lotion and I'm not joking my skin in 24 hours has changed dramatically. I still have a little bit of dryness left but nothing close to what it was like yesterday, it was awful! It will definitely all be cleared up by tomorrow as I am continuing to use all 3 together today. I have always been a fan of Simple skincare but I have never tried out the exfoliating wipes until now and I have fallen in love. So much so I have sent the boyfriend to Tesco to go pick me up some more whilst the offer is still on. They are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin so ladies there is no excuse to why you are not using these wipes! The best face wipes ever! 

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