I Love You Japan

It has been several weeks since I have posted anything on my blog. There is a reason for that. The devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan just broke my heart and I couldn't sit here, happily writting about nail polish when all I could think about was how devastated the Japanese people must be. To not post anything about manicures or nail polish at this time is sort of my "moment of silence" for Japan. When things like that that happen I think of how lucky and blessed we are even if life isn't perfect on my end. It is so easy to take life for granted isn't it? Sometimes I complain about rent, of how high it is, never really being grateful that at least I have a roof over my head. Sometimes I complain about my food, of how I wish I could buy better quality food items, not really being thankful that at least I have food to eat. Sometimes I complain about my clothes, of how old and outdated they are, not really being grateful that I at least have clothes and shoes to wear. Sometimes I complain...
I complain about my family, of how much some of my relatives get on my nerves, not really thinking of how much I would miss them if they were gone. Thousands upon thousands of Japanese people have lost everything, and nearly everyone they love. I can't even begin to imagine how tragic something like that could be to me as a person, or to us as a country. Yes I know, we can't fix all the broken hearts and all the sadness that is going around the world and life goes on. I guess all I want to say is that my thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people. I love you Japan and I pray that God will comfort your souls and give you strenght to move on. May He help you along the way. May He bring you a moment of laughter when all you want to do is to cry. May He send his angels to bring you a helping hand and a warm heart. May He hold you in His loving arms and whisper winds of hope in your breath. I love you Japan. My heart is aching for you, that is all I wanted to say.

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